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Susie Markle
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English, French

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Mortgage, New Homes, Property Management, Relocation, Residential, Residential Investment, Single Family Homes, Townhomes


You are not a fan of real estate agents and their bios.  I GET IT!    They’re like a cement wall – hard to look at, cold, and just like all the others…….

I am known for my smile and SPARKLE… I refuse to be like everyone else…telling you how FAAABULOUS  I AM.    NO… NO… NO…You don’t care about that.  You want ANSWERS.  Here are the Questions….Let’s Get To It

Are you a Real Jerk like so many Other Realtors I have met?

I hope not! If you ask folks who have stood between my clients and what they wanted, they'll say I don’t ALWAYS SPARKLE.  Most folks do know I am certainly not lazy nor stupid. I do know I am honest and very candid, sometimes too candid! Expect the plain truth from me, even when you don’t want to hear it. Honesty IS the best policy 24/7. With that said, I do have a face that is extremely approachable, and I love that!  I think it’s my smile.  I value my faith, family, friends and clients.  If you want to see my SPARKLE turn to FLAMES, mess with ANY of those!

Will you Answer My Calls, Text Messages, and Emails?

ABSOLUTELY!  I completely understand this is one of the major complaints everyone has about real estate agents! I do get between 25-50 calls and emails daily.   Please know I work diligently to reply as quickly as possible.  I do not work on Sunday mornings so I may attend church so please during that time, text or email me.

How do I Know You Are The Realtor© for Me?

Until we talk, you don’t.  The only way to gauge a person is to speak with them.  In today’s world, everyone wants to text, text and text.  I believe in texting, but I also know a few minutes on the phone gives you a sense of who a person really is…Do they care about me?  Do they LISTEN?- a lost art today.  Do I trust that voice and the knowledge behind it?  It is amazing what you can learn about someone in a short five-minute call that you can’t get from a text.  I put people at ease because I am “real.”  I am not going to try to impress you- too grounded for that.  If you want an agent that will toot their own horn and wave their awards at you, I am happy to refer you to one of those.

What Kind of Work are you Really Good at?

The kind that takes brains.  I am most happy when I am challenged.  I love learning every day and never want to stop that process!  I am good at finding the right neighborhood for you.  I am good at assisting you with understanding the mortgage loan process. I excel at understanding how you feel and addressing your feelings before you even have them.

 Why Should I Contact You?

It’s your choice. I am not your typical “pushy” realtor©.  I want to work with people that WANT the type of personal service I provide.  I have always had a 5 Star Rating in every one of my sales careers- not by bragging, but rather by caring.  The choice is yours to make.  Only you know if a Different Kind of Realtor© is right for you.